You name it He will make him sing it

It’s in 2012, after a song got stuck in his head that Fadi Saleh a student of university of Tennesse decided to create video mash-up of speeches given by President Barack Obama to create cover of popular song. The success of his first funny cover song using Rihanna‘s tune Cheers (drink to that) led him to make many other videos parody of the President singing LMFAO « I’m sexy and I know it », Daft Punk « Get Lucky », or Nicky mina « Anaconda »…


Just for fun

Fadi confesses that the first video took a really a long time to edit, but I guess after that many videos out it must not be a problem anymore. Although, for the 2012 election he had partnered with MTV Act to help raise awareness to the election he does it for entertainment purposes and not as a political statement

Now he is back with another rendition « Cant feel my face » by the Weeknd.