With over 100 000 youtube subscribers it was about time!

I don’t know if you have ever stumbled across their channel online, but Black&Sexy TV is a web-based channel that is producing shows about the lives of young, black and sexy characters.

The shows available on Black&Sexy TV are based from real life experiences whether it’s about love, comedy, drama or the black experience.

BET premieres Black&Sexy “Roomieloverfriends”

Few days ago BET announced that the network picked up 3 of their shows “ Sexless”, “Hello Cupid” and “RoomieloverFriends.”

“We noticed Black&SexyTV has a dedicated fan-base, and their fans’ obsession for this content mirrors the obsession our audience has for BET and our content,” said Pete Danielsen, BET’s exec VP of program planning, scheduling and acquisitions.”

“RoomieLoverFriends” will be the first show airing on Wednesday, Sept. 16, at 11 p.m. ET/PT (starring Andra Fuller and Shayla Hale). The show will be in four hour-long episodes over consecutive weeks. “RoomieLoverFriends” created and written by Numa Perrier and directed by Denis Dortch, explores the relationship between two roommates whose relationship gets awkward and complicated after they find themselves in bed together.


 They did it again

Back in 2014 HBO had picked up “The couple” starring Numa Perrier and Desmond Faison and turning the web-show into a linear TV show. The comedy series pulled 1.5 million views.


This is a really good thing for Black&Sexy TV who will now reach a broader audience, as well as, BET that really needed new creative contents to retain and regain a new young and sexy audience.

Congrats to Numa Perrier et Dennis Dortch! For $7-per-month subscription VOD service for access to all its original programming like Black&Sexy’s video subscription service hosted via VHX