“I want to tell a hot story that’s full of his music that feels impressionistic in that it finds a way to incorporate all his musical styles and influences and ideas. It needs to feel like his approach: ‘I don’t care about what happened before. I’m about what’s happening now and about what’s happening next.’ That’s Miles’ marching orders to me.”

Don Cheadle for EW

Miles Ahead will premiere at the New York Film Festival this Sunday. Don Cheadle will be starring as the jazz legend Miles Davis, and also make his directorial debut. The crowdfunded movie will reflect on his failed marriage to his muse, dancer Frances Taylor, the musician silent period, his comeback trying to get back his stolen music.


Cheadle was Davis’ family first choice to play the soft spoken musician. Although jazz was a huge part of his childhood, he actually leaned how to play trumpet for the role.


The cast

Ewan Mac Gregor as Dave Brill

Emayatzy Corinealdi as Frances Taylor

Austin Lyon as Justin

Micheal Stuhlbargh

Keith Stanfield

The film will reportedly be released next year! Meanwhile here is a glimpse of the actor’s portrayal of iconic Miles Davis!


Exclusive footage of Davis son and nephew describing when they knew Cheadle was the one!