After the groovy afropopish Micheal Jackson, Reniss, the young singer and songwriter comes back with Mango. Mango feat Pascal is the latest release of her 2nd EP Milkish. As usual her sultry voice smoothly mixes Mankon, Pidgin, and English together, with a sprinkle of Pascal’s verse. Then, you add a refreshing beat from who else, but Le Monstre (Jovi). Its a recipy for a sweet kind of popish single !


I was introduced to Reniss with her song « apple » featuring Jovi.  In 2013, she released her debut EP Afrikan LuV. As I wondered who was this talented young lady she came out with the video « c’est la vie » and then this year she released  “Micheal Jackson.” A nice tribute to the King of pop. The visuals for both videos are sick ! I couldn’t help, but notice not only a swaggalicious lady, but a skilled dancer ! I could finally put a face on a voice ! She features in multiple Jovi’s songs and videos. Her style is eclectic as Le Monstre produces fresh and unique beats. It’s a mixture of traditional rythms fused with hip hop and pop as they describe it « tribal pop »