“I want to bring something positive and give hope.”

Fred Ebami

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Inspired by Andy Warhol, Banksy, or Liechtenstein he wants to be the Pharrell of pop art.  From Paris to London Franco-Cameroonian artist Fred Ebami exhibits his works proving to us that anything is possible with talent, passion, and work. In an era where freedom of expression is being questioned; he uses sarcasm and messages carried by mother Theresa, 50 cent, or Rosa parks to raise awareness. “ The only Pop artist of his generation with African roots” will now use his influence, talent, and charisma as our newly Unesco Ambassador for arts and culture.

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When did your love story with art started?

LOL, my love story with art started when I was in my mum’s tummy. Apparently, everytime there was music I would move like mad, lol.

At what age did you declare ‘I’m an artist?

Around 7 years old, on my mum’s wall. I don’t think she found it funny though, seriously I still have problems declaring it…


Are there any family members who are artists as well?

Not really they are more into sports. My big bro and my little sister are into crossfit and stuff… And I was supposed to be an athlete. At 10 years old, I was the 100 meters county champion. My hero was Carl Lewis! I have a little cousin doing good back home in Cameroon, Jean David Nkot aka Madjer, check him out!

I know you have a graduate degree from Oxford University… Was it your decision to go to school? How’s your experience there? Was it like in Fame or in High school musical where it’s only artists…? What did you get from school that really helped you as an artist?

No, no, no, it was not Oxford University. It’s Oxford and Cherwell College now a part of Oxford University. At the time it was not, we were not good enough …Lol, I guess they got it wrong. When i arrived in England i had crushed the dream to do anything  related to drawing. Courses were expensive, so it wasn’t my priority to follow that dream anymore. Then, I became friend with somebody that directed me towards the OCC, because they thought I would do well. Really it was like a bunch of us 10 at the beginning and seven at the end. Just friends with different styles, approaches, and aims …There  was no competition between us. It was cool! They taught me to go from scribbles to a finish piece, they taught me how to use software and to believe in myself!!!!


You’re born in Paris native from Cameroon living in London… You’re multilocal! How all these places and your roots influence you art?

I was born Villeneuve la Garenne, in the 92! French born and bred with Cameroonian blood and the Bulldog ‘s spirit!!!! lol!   French is my culture, Cameroon, Africa is my origin. London is where I realized I could be whoever I wanted to be and do whatever I wanted to do …Africa with the colors, France with the in your face approach, and England with the international language… That’s what you see in my work.


What does it take to be successful in your field?

I am still trying to find out, I will let you know when I am  successful… lol … I think WORK WORK WORK is the answer!

You have celebrities loving what do you! What do you think attract them to your art?

The fact I am fresh. I am bringing something new, never been done before… And maybe that pop art is not really a field where you would find someone like me.  Apparently, I am the only one from African origins in that field! As far as I was told.


Congratulations!!! You are now newly UNESCO ambassador for arts and culture, so how do they proceed to see who they want as their ambassador? I know it must be overwhelming, but how did you feel? And what are your plans now as an ambassador?

Thank you! It is for a coalition of artists who will promote Africa ‘s real history, culture and art, all over the galaxy through different medias ( http://www.rfi.fr/culture/20151008-artistes-mobilisent-histoire-afrique-culture )

I don’t know! They sent me an email and I said yes lol. Full of pride! the aim is to make the youngsters realize and understand that our history is glorious and our future too, they must still believe in their dreams, the UNESCO’s initiative is looking that way, so I wanted to be a part of that adventure! to  Spread the words!!!!  use and represent the real history as much as I can and maybe help shaping its future (Africa)


So what is next for you?

I have few festivals for the end of the year in Paris the Hip Hop fashion week October 17th, where I teamed up with stylist and Art press yourself, where I will be exhibiting November 7th and preparing 2016, 2015 was my year off lol.

“The goal is to show that art is for everyone. Regardless of gender, color, origin, age, or social class. »

 Thanks for the interview! Let future generation know that dreams kept us alive!


Fred Ebami