R&B Revelation Peter Jericho

After Kamer 4 for life, I need wata, and lucky day Peter Jericho is back with a banger! Definitely one of my favorite 2015 R&B track! “Fefe of the Year” is the first single out of his new project “West Side Story.” The steamy, sexy, baby making track will definitely turn anyone on. A beautiful voice on a smooth melody with lyrics like we like them… Can’t wait to see the video!!! I promise you won’t get disappointed.


Chicago gave us some of our biggest soul/R&B artists from Sam Cook to R Kelly, without forgetting Chaka Khan or Jennifer Hudson… Well this time it’s giving us Peter Jericho. Jericho is a native from Cameroon, but he’s based out of Chicago. He started singing very young at the age of 4. Music was in his blood, as both his parents were active members of the church choir.  Like many of our favorite R&B artists he began at church. Very early, the singer developed a deep appreciations for beautiful harmonies and instrumentation. It isn’t often that you stumble upon someone that embodies great talent, intellect, and character. However, such attributes are abundant in the land of Jericho. Peter Jericho is a welcomed return to soulful R&B.


“Being in the US and seeing all that is going on with injustice and gun violence “West Side Story” is really about giving a positive message to youth. ” P. Jericho

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Enjoy and let me know your thoughts