Besides being iconic for its wildlife and safari many associate Kenya with Edi Gathegi, Wangari  Muta Maathai, Lupita Nyongo and of course Mr President Barack Obama.

The fashion industry in Kenya has really evolved within the last few years. We can definitely notice the evolution from traditional clothing to a style more urban. We picked 3 designers who have an international appeal and whom their work have been recognized worlwide


Based in Nairobi Hebret Lakew and Enid Lanez founded in 2006 Kooroo a luxury brand that specializes in high-end women’s ready to wear clothing and accessories. Kooroo in Amharic means “to be proud” and its reflected this in their collection, which is inspired from Africa’s rich cultural lifestyle.  They are socially conscious designers as their commitment is to give back to the community through corporate responsibility and support of local schools.


She ranks as one of Africa’s top fashion and jewelry designers, Patricia Mbela is the founder of Poisa a brand that focuses on fashionable garments for both men and women, complimenting the garments with the unique jewelry. She is inspired by Kenyan beading culture as we can notice in her Wearable Art Fashion. She was the first Kenyan designer participating at Arise Fashion Week in Nigeria. She has also designed the uniforms for  Kenya Airways. Established, awarded, and renowned her style has evolved a lot throughout the years.

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Kiko Romeo

She has won many awards and was listed among “the top 100 women influencing Africa.”It’s after Scottish born, Ann McCreath,  took a three-month break doing aid work in Kenya that her new found love for the country emerged. Her desire to create job in rural areas and to give Africans contemporary fashion inspired by their culture led her to create her own fashion house KikoRomeo. Kiko Romeo which means “Adam’s apple” in Kiswahili. Kiko Romeo uses African made fabrics often with handcrafted details. The house does not only mentors aspiring Kenyan designers, but take interns from all over the world.