From wanting to be a lawyer to being a director, a producer, and an actor Herve ”HTB” Moukoko is a very versatile young man. From his Cameroonian roots he now lives in Paris and travel the world as he works both for television and cinema.


Catch me if you can!

From Paris to Cotonou, Douala, or Dakar this young cineast has for a mission to promote and showcase the talent of our Afro-Caribbean artists across the world. Herve ”HTB” Moukoko  directed a dozen music video for artists such as Kemtaan, Sir demos, and legendary Cameroonian artist Douleur, two documentaries (26 and 52 minutes), four short films, and THE ARTIST ex INSIDE ARTIST, a program, which he is also producing via his structure African Movie Makerz.

12193523_10207148235880586_2817786781735428305_nAfter almost 4 years of dedicated work HTB shows us that hard work, perseverance, and patience pays off. It was not always so glamorous for the young director, who the producer disappeared right before they start shooting, then encountered financial issues to produce the movie… Produced by Anna Maryse Makon, he now welcomes his first baby “Time” as he likes to call it! Time is a 26 mn thriller that has been selected in numerous festivals accross Europe and the Caribbean such as the Panafrican Film Festival in Cannes, The Euro Film Festival in Spain, and even the Africa Film Trinidad and Tobago Festival.


Although “Time” has a very diverse cast is prominently black. HTB gives most of his principal roles to black actors, not because he is a racist, but because there is a lack of black people represented in films in Europe. However, there are plenty of very talented black actors who just need an opportunity to showcase their talent.


Herve “HTB” Moukoko


Isabelle Ménal


Noamen Maamar



Marjorie Cramer


Thomas Duchêne

NOAH, a house surgeon whose father is waiting for a heart transplant for weeks, decides to set up a plan to save by all means, the life of his father.