Through the lens of Diane Kissmile.


Diane Kissmile is a young cineast living in Montreal, Canada. Through her lens I actually discovered few interesting artists. When i asked her about why this artist Ma’liciouz that you are about to discover that’s what she had to say!


I recently moved to Montreal , and it’s a multi-ethnic city, there is small room for people from visible minority. I also found that in Montreal, one is in quest of identity to assert oneself  not only as as Black person in Montreal, but as a woman. When I met Ma’liciouz , I found that through her art she expressed what I had found. A black woman from Montreal proud of her roots, who assert herself as an artist, who asserts the femininity of her characters, which values ​​black woman, proud and sensitive, showing black beauty through features, history, and modernity.”

Ma’liciouz is a young visual artist based in Montreal from Haitian descent. She does Afro urban art.She noticed very young that there was a lack of models she could relate or identify to. So, she decided to draw what matches her not only physically, but spiritually. She focuses on love, strength, and positivity. I am not going to spoil Diane’s beautiful documentary! Enjoy!


You can follow her on facebook Malicouz and if you want to know more or purchase her beautiful work