From the streets of Compton all the way to the White House, Kendrick Lamar has captivated the attention of the masses. Being praised not only by his fellow musicians but also by the president Barack Obama, the 28 years old Compton rapper is currently the hottest trending topic.



What has made him hot, and why is he so relevant and talked about right now?

Kendrick Lamar is known for detailing his life experiences and expressing his views on modern society through hip hop and rap music. His ability to vividly paint a picture of his circumstances or current train of thought has caught the eyes of many. His hard work and talent has paid off with Grammys, love from his fans and peers, and a change in lifestyle out of the hood.


How is he different from any other rapper or artist out there?

The Chicago born artist raised in Compton not only has an inspiring message, but he is also a more relatable character to the masses. We have seen the NWA, Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, 50 Cent and many more with the gangster rap. The stories of the young black men growing up in the ghetto and having to fend for themselves in any method they could, which sometimes happen to be illegal. Kendrick is another pose from the same picture. His message and experience is more relatable to the children of today. He takes you through the journey of a young black men in the hood that although surrounded by trouble decides to stay away from negativity to thrive.

Well, I still don’t get what’s the big deal about him or why he trending right now? Amidst all the civil unrest in America right now from police brutality, the black lives matter movement, and the lack of diversity in the Oscars and Grammys. The African American community feels mistreated, neglected, and unheard. Kendrick is using his platform as an artist to speak for the African American community. He is not alone in doing so, but just one of the few in a position to reach a worldwide audience. Beyoncé let the world know her roots and her stance on police brutality at the half time show of the Super Bowl with the performance of her new single formation. Kendrick in turn let his voice be heard during his performance at the Grammys.


What did he do at the Grammys?

Invited as a nominee, who also ended up going home a winner, Kendrick took the stage and wowed the crowd with a powerful performance. He came on the stages with his back up dancers dressed as inmates chained, with invisible fluorescent paint in African tribal design. Started in a poetic chant while chained and moved into a more energetic singing of his hit single alright, changing the view of him and his crew as inmates to a festive African tribe. The artist Highlighted his roots and the pride he feels towards them. His performance not only sent out the message that we should not keep standing for the injustice happening, but also that through it all we will strive.

A bold move on such an occasion, don’t you think? Would we have considered his performance as great if it didn’t have anything to do with civil unrest? Please feel free to share, and let us know what you think.