Remember Gina from “Martin”in the 90’s sitcom… Remember Janet in my “Wife an kids”… Well Tisha Campbell-Martin who is mostly known as Gina Payne from Martin shows us her rapping skills in her new video “Lazy Bitch (This ain’t Gina).


Back in the 90’s she was pushing her singing career throughout her acting spotlight.

Her last video “Steel Here”  reached a little more than a million views on youtube. The visuals are sick!!!

We can see that Campbell- Smith does not want limit herself to acting, singing, or dancing… Although, I like the visuals of “Lazy Bitch (this ain’t Gina)” (not exceptional, but clean…) I’m not too sure about the lyrics “I am who I am and she is who she is, she is my fetus,”

Do we have a new female emcee LOL???!!! Watch out Nicki and Iggy…What y’all think about Gina Lol Tisha Smith spitting game?!