They all have something in common establish a connection between Africa and the diaspora. Fashion has always been a way to express individuality, culture, and identity.  Bold, prideful, and empowering these emerging streetwear brands will make you stand out, look stylish, and fresh effortlessly.



Created by Sorel Adjovi who you may have guessed by the name of the brand is from Benin, Dahomè, is the art of ancestral storytelling through fashion. His unique pieces takes one through a mystical ancestral journey. “Vodounsi”is the name of Danhomè’s streetwear collection, which transposes Voudou to the heart of urban culture. Each piece of “Vodounsi” carries a mixture of different code representing the divinities of the Voodoo cult.





Created by Seye Ogunlesi, Emmanuel Obayemi(art director), Nick Bahizi (Fashion director)   in Toronto. Back in 2012, they were hustling their now famous “If found return to the motherland “T-shirts. Few years later, the Toronto brands not only have stylish clothes, but accessories as well…! It’s after a trip to Lagos noticing that almost everybody was transporting something to be sold that the Blkkmarket collection came into existence.




I don’t know if you’ve checked the Okayafricashop lately, well if you have not yet then you should! I absolutely fell in love with the Daniel Ting Chong Collection.



Jekkah means in Wolof (language spoken in Senegal and Gambia) to be beautiful or elegant. Jekkah is based in London. Original and colorful this African inspired streetwear brand, but is made in The Gambia. When you buy any item from Jekkah you aresupporting and making a difference to Gambian people.

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