From Migos to activists do it For the culture has taken precedent as a way to represent and take pride in the culture you come from.

You may have noticed a new phrase, “Do it for the culture” or “For the culture” for short, being used throughout social media, social outings, music, television, and film. The question that is being asked amongst many is, what does this phrase mean and where did it come from?

Rap power group Migos, first coined the term when other rappers allegedly refused to give them credit for their rap flow and their impact on the hip hop industry/culture. Migos went on to call these rappers “Culture Vultures,” a term inferring that people steal or take from a culture without giving due credit, allowing only themselves to benefit and not the culture! In this particular case, rappers stole and used Migos’s flow for their own benefit. However, according to Joe Budden, it’s the years you put in for the culture that gives you the right to say you’re doing it for the culture!

This series will highlight those who share their love, knowledge, and concern to keep the culture alive and strong.

Highlight of the week, Choreographer Phil Wright wins the For The Culture (FTC) award! Phil Wright, originally from Miami Fla. teaches at the world renowned Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles California. One of his classes ended up being a very special one when he took the time out to create a very unique moment for his life partner Ashley Liao, which she will remember forever. Well enough reading for now, be sure to tune in and see what the whole world is buzzing about, it will knock you off your “dancing” feet!

Steffahn Rashaud