Kemi Seba who has recently been a major topic of discussion in African news is free. He was recently acquitted of his charges in his city of residence Dakar in Senegal. The French born activist of Benin decent made the news by burning 5000 CFA the equivalent of about $9.10. Kemi did not only do this do devaluate the CFA, but also as a symbol of his discontent with the post colonialism FranceAfrique, which he wants all the country under that umbrella to break from. Kemi wants the formerly French colonized African countries, that still let France dictates their economy in his view, to break their alliances and gain economical independence and autonomy. Kemi is now facing deportation from Senegal back to France. Do you think he deserves to be deported? Was the right move to burn some CFA? How do you feel about his movement?