Is Atlanta rapper 21 Savage showing us a new side of him we don’t know about? The 24 year old rapper known for his hardcore gangsta rap lyrics, has been showing us a softer side of him on social media with his girlfriend amber rose. With videos of him singing to her holding hand and cuddling on social media, 21 Savage is not afraid to express his love for his girl. After listening to the majority of his music and watching interviews prior to his relationship with Amber Rose, the affectionate soft caring guy seen wouldn’t be the first association with 21. But, love has a way of changing people. Most recently 21 Savage was in the front lines of girlfriend Amber Rose slut walk. He was proudly supporting his boo with a sign that said “I’m a Hoe Too”.


Do you like the new 21, given his situation would you support your significant other the same way? Share you thoughts with us!