From Lupita Nyong’o looking gorgeous to Angela Bassett looking amazing we all gazed on the purple carpet of the Black Panther premiere’s pictures…

As we’re all getting ready with our outfit for the movie to come out, not everybody got an invite.

Roxane Gay one of the writer on Black Panther : world of Wakanda  says she was not invited to the premiere of the comic series.





Although she left Marvel in good terms, it’s hurtful to see that she was not invited to something she was part of. Matter of fact she expressed her feelings on twitter.

Gay was chosen by author Ta-Nehisi Coates, who relaunched the Black Panther comics, and in 2016 Gay became one of the first black woman to be a lead writer for Marvel.

It is sad to see that Marvel would not get invites to one of the most important people in their production, the writers, since Gay was not the only writer not being invited. Let’s not forget that without writers (great writers) there is no story, without story there is no movie.