It’s gray sweatpants season!

Warning: This post contains sexually explicit material. If this topic offends you in any way, please close both eyes or just read something else! Thanks!

If you’re still reading …

Gotcha lil perv!

Well, if you don’t know about gray sweatpants season you’re missing out! During the summer guys wear shorts, but throughout the winter, spring, and fall they were sweatpants. The most dangerous one is the Gray sweatpants…LOL! Why is that?

Let me explain…

Do you need further explanations?!!!!



I don’t know if it’s the color, the material , or the way the pants hugs their legs, but these men in gray sweatpants are FFFFIIINNNNNNEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! Gray sweatpants are for women what leggings are for men.

For those of you who appreciate to see the finer things in life.

There is a group on facebook #greysweatpantsmatter