Have you noticed the latest trend? the vest bag! And NO it’s not a murse (a man purse)

 From Kanye to A$AP these vest/bag are definitely the “IT” item among celebrities since last wintter!

Luxury bags designer Sheron Barber owner of Divine Right has actually designed very unique and practical piece that you may have noticed on Quavo or Lil Purpp…



















 I believe in quality and craftsmanship over hype. The idea of unjustified price tags just because somethings been hyped up bothers me. I think the price of an item should be dictated by the materials used and the amount of time and effort put into creating it. That’s where the actual value lies. I source materials from Italy, Japan, United States and other parts of the world. The things that we are creating aren’t being spit out of a magical machine. We spend countless hours perfecting every detail. This DR14 Tactical Luxury bag/ vest took over 16 hours to create. Maybe a person enjoys the aesthetic and the idea behind it, maybe not. But there’s no hype. Only hard work and craftsmanship.                  Sheron Barber