Serena Williams is back and she stays winning!

9469982-3x2-700x467_0.jpgAfter she almost died giving birth to her beautiful daughter, a great way to celebrate International women’s day is to win her first tournament after the birth of her first child!

The world tennis star  suffered a pulmonary embolism after her daughter was delivered by caesarean section.

Williams, is also trying to stage the 1st professional tennis tournament in Kenya! Why Kenya? Cause it’s “one of her favorite places” she says


tmp_DbT34j_d00da194070fdb1c_GettyImages-929102848“It is something I have thought about and I would like to keep thinking about it,” she explains. “I’m glad you brought it up because I think it would be amazing. It would be so fun – the help that we could do, and the awareness and the athletes and the amazing players that would come out of Africa would just be unbelievable.”

The tournament would be organized by The WTA Women Tennis Association.

Way to go Serena keep on breaking barriers!